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Sparkling Rum Cocktails
Sammy on beach: cheers!

Serve chilled, on ice, or with your toes in the sand!
You’ll want to throw these Sparkling Rum Cocktails in a cooler and take them to the beach, your pool party, your tailgate, and your backyard barbecue. We used my award-winning premium Beach Bar Rum as a base and amped it up with my favorite flavor combos. They’re only 130 calories, 5.5% ABV, sweetened with agave nectar, made with natural flavors... and they’re so damn good. Cheers!

— Sammy

  • Tangerine Dream

    Nutrition Facts

    Tangerine Dream sparkling rum cocktail

    A refreshing blend of tangerine
    and vanilla cream; the classic

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  • Pineapple Splash

    Nutrition Facts

    Pineapple Splash

    The slight sweetness of
    pineapple, followed by
    the kick of jalapeño.

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  • Island Pop

    Nutrition Facts

    Island Pop Sparkling Rum Cocktail

    The fruity flavors of cherry,
    pineapple, and citrus,
    pack a Hawaiian Punch!

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  • Cherry Kola Chill

    Nutrition Facts

    Cherry Kola Chill Sparking Rum Cocktail

    That classic soda fountain
    flavor of cherry cola with
    a hint of spice.

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